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If you’ve decided to end your marriage, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to proceed. At this terrifying time, you need exceptional legal support. That’s where the Law Office of Alison Colvin comes into play. The vast majority of the family matters handled at the trusted Reno law firm involve divorce and separation.

Alison Colvin’s clients are wonderful people, but for a variety of reasons, they simply cannot make their marriages work. Upon opting for separation or divorce, they require compassionate legal service from a Nevada family law attorney who truly cares.

Whether you expect to resolve your differences with your ex through mediation or in court, it’s important to work with a trusted family attorney who possesses a clear understanding of the legal climate in and around Reno. The Law Office of Alison Colvin could be key to obtaining a prompt and desirable legal resolution.

Divorce in Northern Nevada

Residency requirements for divorce in Nevada are relatively simple: either party must have lived in the state for at least six weeks prior to filing. From there, a complaint for divorce can be filed if the grounds for dissolution occurred in the county of filing, if the defendant or plaintiff lives in that county, or if they last cohabited there.

If certain conditions are met, divorcing spouses may be eligible for a summary dissolution. This streamlined approach is most favorable to those who have not been married long and have no children together.

Opting For Legal Separation

In some circumstances, legal separation is far preferable to standard divorce proceedings. Couples may not be ready for divorce, or may prefer to retain certain financial benefits of being legally married.

Separation involves many of the same arrangements associated with divorce, including child custody and child support resolutions. The Law Office of Alison Colvin can help you determine whether legal separation is advisable in your situation.

The Law Office of Alison Colvin: All Family Matters, All Families Welcome

Divorce and separation are always painful, but with the right Nevada family law attorney on your side, you can make it through to the other side and enjoy a fresh start. Look to Law Office of Alison Colvin for the proactive, yet compassionate support your need during this difficult time. Get in touch today to learn more about divorce, separation, and other family matters.

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